Egg Flow & Counting Computer

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The Opticon Egg Flow/Counting Computer is a system designed to accurately count egg production and keeping your farm packer running at full capacity. Egg production is tracked through the system and can be compared with a set bird standard so you can track the performance of your flocks. The history of egg production is also tracked throughout the whole flock to help you keep record of weekly production. The system can handle a barn 8 rows wide with 12 tiers (up to 192 counters per barn) with egg elevators or an egg lift so you can track and see exactly where your eggs come from and notice drops in production to indicate problems very quickly. The Egg flow controls will automatically control the speed of egg belts to keep the flow to a set volume reducing starts and stops of the conveying system while feeding the farm packer at full capacity speeding up egg collection. The system also fully controls an Egg lift system moving the conveyor to the next tier based off of elapsed time, number of eggs collected or when the egg flow goes below a set threshold, whichever comes first. Barns can be collected one at a time or all at once depending on customer’s preference.


  • Tracks Egg production
  • Egg production for full flock is saved in system
  • Egg production is tracked per bird and can be compared to user set performance curve
  • Egg production is tracked to each Egg belt
  • Egg production is easily compared across barn highlighting potential problems
  • Up to 10 barns, each with up to 192 egg counters per barn can be tracked and controlled (8 rows and 12 tiers)
  • Controls Egg belt speed
  • Reduces starts and stops of Egg conveying system reducing egg cracks and conveyor maintenance
  • Keeps farm packer running at optimal capacity
  • Runs Egg lift or Egg Elevator systems
  • Can collect Barn by Barn or all Barns at once
  • Optional Mobile, Tablet or PC/Mac remote access to system
  • Optional PC connection to system locally
  • Optional Opticon Touch control and operation of system