Classic Nest Traditional Aviary System


The Salmet nest provides a very hygienic environment for egg production and helps reduce heat accumulation inside the nest. The nest material is also very unattractive for red-mite.

The nest provides hens with a comfortable and hygienic environment to lay their eggs. The high nest entrance allows birds to easily enter and leave the nest. Sliced curtains at the entrance create shadows in the nest and therefore help avoid mislaid eggs. At night the floor is lifted and the nest is closed so the birds have no entrance and the nest keeps clean.

Inside the nest an astroturf mat keeps the nest clean and hygienic and provides the hen with a comfortable surface for laying eggs. The egg has a short rolling distance from the nest to the egg belt which lies in the centre of the nest avoiding cracked eggs. Water lines in front of the nest lead to high nest acceptance and usage.

Various designs
The nests are available in various designs (single nests & double tier) and are also incorporated in our aviary systems. Different types of egg collection systems can be combined with the nest depending on your wishes.


  • Well accepted by the birds
  • High egg quality
  • Less floor eggs
  • Hygienic environment
  • Easy to manage
  • Automation of egg collection


  • Wire or plastic slats
  • Slat on top
  • Manure belts underneath slatted area
  • Anti-perching device on roof
  • Different extras for nest (Egg curtains, nest rejection grid)
  • Egg collection systems (cross belts, collection tables, elevator)
  • Water pressure regulation