Broiler Colony System


The Broiler Colony offers customers a unique way to optimize broiler production as it incorporates the following features, offering optimum circumstances and density for broilers and therefor creating improved return on investment.

The Broiler Colony offers a soft and flexible plastic mesh floor, preventing damages on the meat. All manure is removed immediately from the floor creating a clean environment for the birds, while helping them to get rid of body heat. The soft and flexible structure of the floor avoids footpad lesions and breast blisters. Because of this very positive impact on the health of the bird, liveability will be higher, cost for medication will be lower and there will be a positive contribution in the worldwide discussion of reducing antibiotics in meat.

Broiler colony cages are available up to 4 tiers high. This allows for increased density and narrower walkways, leading to bird numbers up to 3 times higher than in traditional floor litter systems.

Feeding system
Around 70% of your production costs are related to feed. Therefor no feed at all should be spilled. Salmet’s Broiler Colony system incorporates two feeding pans which offer feed from day old to harvesting weight. If broiler weight and behaviour dictates to do so, the feeding system can be lifted. Together with the features of the unique floor, the feeding system creates optimum situations where perfect growth scenarios are achieved for broilers. This leads to a much better FCR than in traditional floor systems.

Broilers are removed from the house automatically without the need to catch them. The flexible floors are removed from the system and the birds are gently moved onto the running manure belt which transports the birds to the end of the row were they can be put into a container or crate.


  • Higher stocking density, up to 3x more compared to floor system
  • Increased utilisation of house surface
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Perfect meat quality (no blisters, blue spots & feet problems)
  • Uniform flock
  • Reduction of antibiotic use
  • Low mortality


  • Twin Clean water system
  • Bird weighing system
  • Manure removal cross belts to remove manure from the house
  • Inspection trolleys
  • Control panels for all electrical installations
  • Control panels for water and medication
  • Manure belt alignment detection