AgriShift® MLM-B for Broilers, Turkeys and Pullets




The AgriShift® MLM-Blue 10 Watt LED for broiler operations provides an animal-welfare friendly lighting option. It is designed to improve performance with its Dim-to-Blue® technology and reduces your electrical, labor and maintenance costs. When applying ONCE® recommended lighting schedules with the AgriShift® MLM-Blue 10 Watt LED Dim-to-Blue® technology, you’re ensuring the light is adjusted at key times in your animals’ day, allowing for increased flock uniformity.

Productivity Enhancement

The AgriShift® MLM-B was created as an animal welfare friendly retrofit solution for modern poultry confinement systems. Designed with Dim-to-Blue® technology, it increases bird performance while reducing electrical, maintenance and labor costs. The AgriShift® MLM-B has an optimized color spectrum and dimming capability to meet the birds’ developmental needs, enhance welfare and provide uniform growth. This LED replaces standard CFL bulbs so it can fit directly into existing standard electrical junction boxes.

The Science Behind the Technology

The AgriShift® MLM-B has an enhanced blue and green spectrum with added red content for early bird development. Green light increases growth during early stage of development, while blue light is shown to be helpful in the growth of poultry at a later age by elevating plasma androgens. Other studies show that blue light can calm birds, reduce blood pressure and positively effect blood glucose and triglyceride levels.

  • Enhances productivity
  • Improves animal welfare
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Replaces CFL screw-based lamps
  • Advanced 10 W LED system specialized for poultry
  • Low-profile, wide 200 degree beam angle

Additional information

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AgriShift MLM Blue




Base Unit, Base Unit + Hard-Wire Adapter, Base Unit + Junction Box Mount, Jelly Jar, Junction Box Mount, Screw Base




120V, 120V ** junction box not included