Improve Animal Welfare 
The AgriShift® HL-UVA is a 3 Watt LED specifically designed to focus on the ecological importance that UV perception plays in the signaling and communication of avian species. Unlike humans, poultry can detect ultraviolet (UVA) spectrum wavelengths and even show a preference for artificial lighting environments with supplemental UVA. 

The Science Behind the Technology 
Using UVA and AgriShift® technology, the AgriShift® HL-UVA fixture targets specific visual and non-visual ospins in poultry, which enables refined clarity and recognition of each other and their feed. The improved ability to pick up on social cues around them, helps to enhance production, lower mortality and an overall greater immune response. 


  • Uses ultraviolet (UVA) light
  • Designed to promote animal welfare
  • Improves animal recognition and feeding cues
  • Advanced system specialized for poultry
  • Made with a natural light spectrum
  • Easy installation