March 3, 2021



This Organic Pullet Barn is designed for the rearing of chicks to move into free-range organic laying barns. As this is an organic barn, Ruby360 provided the proper amount of natural diffused light windows including automatic black out shutters.

This barn uses the same Munters Drive high efficiency direct drive fans for everything from minimum ventilation through to full tunnel vent due to the unique layout of the barns ventilation system. Along with proper staging and control through the Opticon system this allows the fans to run at their most efficient levels for the current ventilation demand throughout the year.

Multiheat hot water fan heaters are used for the majority of the heat in the barn taking advantage of high efficient condensing broilers without adding extra humidity or CO2 to the air in the barn that would need to be ventilated out.

ONCE lighting is used throughout the barn with Dim-to-blue technology. Tube lights are used inside the system and on the ceiling direct mounted bulbs are mounted to junction boxes.

All ventilation, barn controls and lighting are controlled by custom Ruby360 controls utilizing Opticon computers which also take care of automatic bin and bird weighing.

High Efficient Ventilation

Munters ventilation

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Heating Equipment

MultiHeat hot water heaters

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Once Lighting

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Ruby360 Controls

Ruby360 Custom Controls with Opticon technology

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