March 3, 2021



Both of these systems are contained within the same barn separated by a wall down the middle. On one side is the free range pullet system for proper rearing of birds to move over to the other side where the free run laying system is located.

This barn uses Munters Drive high efficient fans for all of the ventilation through the end wall with Munters ceiling inlets and tunnel doors.

ONCE lighting is used throughout the barn, on the pullet side Dim-to-blue and on the laying side Dim-to-red. Inside both systems tube lights are used and on the ceiling direct mounted bulbs mounted to junction boxes.

All ventilation, barn controls and lighting are controlled by custom Ruby360 controls utilizing Opticon computers, which also take care of automatic bin and bird weighing.

High Efficient Ventilation

Munters ventilation

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Ruby360 Controls

Ruby360 Custom Controls with Opticon technology

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