To ensure the continuity of your pig farm you as agricultural entrepreneur should continuously improve operating efficiency while ensuring the lowest possible production costs. The genetic potential of each individual pig, should be maximized at minimal costs. 

To achieve these objectives, full insight in the growth of your pigs is required. The Pig Scale is an innovative weighing platform that automatically weights your pigs making it easy to compare actual weights against your pigs growth chart. 

The aim of the Pig Scale is not to replace, but to support you (the agricultural entrepreneur) who always remains the most important element of good management. Pig Scale provides weighing data enabling you to make management decisions based on real-time data. Taking preventive and corrective actions within the growth cycle of your pigs.


Optimize Genetic Potential

The genetic potential of each individual pig, should be maximized at minimal costs. To achieve these objectives, full insight in the growth of your pigs is required


Average daily gain pigs

The Pig Scale provides continuous insights into the growth of the pigs during the nursery and fattening round. You exactly know, at each moment of the day, the weigh, average daily gain and the weight spread of your pigs.


Water and temperature

Additional to weight, water consumption and temperature can be monitored. Enabling you to see the water consumption and temperature in relation to bodyweight.


Sorting based on pig weight

The pig scale can also be equipped with painting marker(s) to mark the pigs according to preset marking weight(s). This way pigs that are suitable for delivery will be marked accordingly, making sorting easy and accurate. This way unpleasant surprises (penalties) at the end of the round can be provided. 


Reduces Biosecurity risks

No human intervention is needed to safely weight the livestock resulting in time savings and stress reduction to each individual pig making it healthier and calmer which in return avoids loss of production results due stress. 


Justify Feed Costs

An accurate weight is required for nutrition requirements, medication dosing and general health monitoring of the livestock. Based on the real-time weigh data the diet can be matched to the pigs requirements. Enabling you to maximize the growth potential and justifying the feed cost.


Durable and easy to clean

Properly pig facilities are of high importance paying dividends in terms of enhanced growth performance. The Pig Scale constructed of fully stainless steel and contains load cells of the highest standards (IP68). Making it durable and simple to clean and disinfect. 


No in-pen modifications

The Pig Scale is easy to setup and install. No modification in the pen are required. It’s also easy to change between barns making it possible to get a quick indication of how pigs in other pens are performing.



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Jos Van Acht, Pig Farmer

Jos Van Acht

Pig Farmer

"The continuous monitoring of the weight is necessary to maintain a high performance level. Based on the Pig Scale information, I can adjust the feeding schedule. Previously, I weighed my pigs every 3 weeks and used this information to calculate feed intake and feed conversion. This was labour intensive and prone to error. 

The valuable information of the weighings can easily be obtained with the Pig Scale. This is mainly important during feed transitions. A view on growth and feed conversion has become increasingly important due to rising feed costs."

Tom Allen, Pig Farmer

Tom Allen

Pig Farmer

"The weighing of pigs is important, so you can keep an eye on their growth. Previously we always weighed the pigs at fixed times; at weaning, at the start-up and at delivery. However, continuous insight in the weight is important and can save a lot of money. 

The Pig Scale can easily and quickly be installed on the grid floor and the weight data of the Pig Scale are directly sent to the server, so I can access them on several places. The information we’re getting is helping us make both quick and effective decisions on changes."