Lighting for Swine

Recent research is finding lighting has a significant effect on Swine performance. Swine, like other animals, are highly influenced by the amount and type of light they are exposed to. It is important to recognize that lighting is a necessary input into modern hog farming and, as such, the lighting choice needs to be given serious consideration during the design or retrofit of the facilities. ONCE ® is here to help educate and supply you with information as well as products for your facilities.


Productivity Enhancement

Light is a key environmental factor that influences and directs physiological processes in all animals. In domestic boars, research has shown that there is seasonality in sperm production related to the light in the animal’s environment. Light exposure mediates the level of melatonin secretion, which ultimately affects the quality and quantity of the boar’s reproductive products. AgriShift® advanced LED lighting with Dim-to-CalmTM technology allows the lamp to dim with standard AC dimmers to fully red light output that pigs perceive as darkness. This allows sunrise and sunset capability to reduce the stress of sudden changes in light. It also provides service light (red color) that allows workers to have continual access to the facility after hours without disturbing or interrupting the sleep cycles of the pigs.


Built For Your Barn®

ONCE products have a robust design that is made specifically for harsh agricultural environments. They are suitable for use in wet locations (required by National Electric Code Article 47) are IP-66 rated for pressure washing, and stand up to the corrosive vapors from animal excrement as well as excessive dust accumulation. This is to prevent electrical shock hazard, reduce the risk of fire, and prolong the life of the equipment. We take Built For Your Barn® seriously!


Energy Savings

Unbelievable as it sounds, switching from incandescent lighting to LED lighting with dimming can save from 85 to 95% of your lighting electricity costs. Switching from compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to ONCE LED lighting products saves from 60 to 70%. With energy costs expected to skyrocket in the years to come, it is a good investment to switch today.


Animal Welfare

Reducing animal stress improves animal livability and performance. ONCE® Agrishift® LED lamps, lighting programs, and systems are directed toward minimizing extreme changes in lighting. Abrupt and extreme changes in lighting are shown to alter or disrupt various chronobiologic rhythms hence reducing the overall well-being of the animal. By offering LED lamps that present uniform coverage and a consistent light, including the ability to provide a smooth sunset and sunrise functionality, stress markers are minimized.