August 24, 2018

OptiLink Server Service

A service notice about Opticon’s OptiLink Server

Dear Optilink Server user,

Monday,  August 27th, 2018 we will launch our new web application. Already announced in December 2017, a major redesign and development of all our cloud servers is high on our agenda.  This is the first step in order to continue to meet the growth of our platform and to continue to apply to the rapid technological standards.  

Launch web application

We are gearing up to launch next Monday. De point of departure for developing the new web applications is the current familiar user interface and feedback from our users. The code is completely rewritten resulting in performance improvements. The backend is future proof and ready to work with our new servers platforms which are currently still under development. Also already visible changes are noticeable and more will follow in the near future.


  • Scalability of the widget more intuitive
  • Graph widget with more analytical capabilities (zoom & download)
  • Graphic widget 100% scalable (full screen)
  • Dark & light template
  • Improved multi-language support

What does above mean for you as a user of the Web application?

As indicated we have tried to maintain the current interface as familiar as possible. Already created dashboard remain available, however, it can happen that the widgets are scaled and positioned differently. This can be adjusted as desired in the dashboard edit mode.

What does above mean if you a user of OptiLink Server?

Monday August 27th, at 8 am (CET) we will start the necessary work on our current server. This work will affects all our cloud services and will take approximately 2 to 4 hours into account. It may occur that you experience some inconvenience. Of course we do our utmost to limit possible hindrance to a minimum.

We like to know what you think about our new web-application? We would appreciate it if you would take the time to share your thoughts via [email protected]

Kind regards,

Optilinkserver Service

H&F Electronics B.V.