July 28, 2020

News from Salmet – July 2020

Latest news from Salmet

Improved water drainage system

To make flushing of several tiers at the same time easier SALMET has improved the water drainage system for cages. Therefore, the diameter of the downpipe has been increased. Also is chosen for a plastic square pipe for connecting the nipple pipe to the breather unit instead of a hose to reduce the potential for bending of the pipe and air bubbles. (only in systems without height adjustment of the nipple pipe) The system can be installed at the end of each system row.

Advantages of the  improved water drainage system

  • Flushing of several tiers at the same time
  • Less chance of bending and air bubbles in the nipple pipes

The system is available for:

  • S1000
  • S700
  • AGK 3600
  • Broiler Colony

Did you know…

That we have the option for a second manure scraper installed on the return belt? This second scraper provides an additional cleaning of the manure belt and helps achieving a cleaner and therefore a more hygienic state of the manure belt. Special for producers of medicine eggs, where hygienic is even of more importance this can be a good addition.

…about aviary systems and litter

We have stainless steel legs available especially for aviary housing to avoid corrosion of the legs. Also, a good help to prevent corrosion is the Salolit litter removal system which helps to reduce the amount of litter in the house. Manure is shovelled out of the house keeping litter levels low and improve the climate in the house.

Installation of SALMET egg cross conveyor drives changed

In the past drive units were installed every 60 m starting from the end drive. We discovered that this is not the optimal installation of the drive units. For new installations the 60 m distance starts at the return end of the conveyor, the following drive units are installed evenly over the length of the belt. The last section should always be a bit longer or equal to the others. Never shorter.

Download the drawing for more info.