Ruby360 Flush Control System


Semi-Automatic flush control system includes on/off switches for each row, controlling 2 tiers at a time (also available in custom configurations). Green lights are included to indicate when the valves are open. System requires 120 V AC 5-amp supply and the valves run at 24 V DC from included power supply. Custom door label can include farm name and logo if provided. Full electrical drawings provided, system fully-tested and ESA approved.

To make your flush control system automatic add in the Rain Dial®-R


Semi-Automatic Systems

R-FL-SA-12 - up to 12 valves

R-FL-SA-24 - up to 24 valves

R-FL-SA-36 - up to 36 valves

R-FL-SA-40 - up to 40 valves


Automatic Systems

R-FL-A-12 - up to 12 valves

R-FL-A-24 - up to 24 valves

R-FL-A-36 - up to 36 valves

R-FL-A-40 - up to 40 valves


ALSO AVAILABLE - Pressure regulator with actuator for automatic flushing

The optional screw-in actuator allows automatic flushing of the drinker line: The LUBING flush control “LCW Touch Control” switches successively, the actuators, which open the integrated flush valve of the pressure regulator Optima E-Flush. The required voltage is provided by LCW controller uniformly in 24 V DC. The cable length of the actuators of 7.5 m ensures a flexible handling. The manual flushing remains possible also with actuator.


Ruby360 Controls