BIOSHIFT® UVC Germicidal Chamber


The advanced technology of the BioShift® UVC Germicidal Chamber is designed to kill viruses in a timespan of 5 minutes, before they can enter bio-secure farm facilities. This replaces pass-through windows and doors, germicidal disinfecting spray/fogs, chemical cleaners and un-secured access panels. The form factor adapts to a wide variety of building configurations while making installation easy. 

The BioShift® UVC Germicidal Chamber is a single-button operation. It provides an easy-to-use magnetic door which latches securely holding doors closed, but allowing for easy opening. Additionally, the BioShift® is equipped with an emergency shut down button to ensure employee safety. 

Kills the majority of known viruses and bacteria 
UVC germicidal radiation is effective in breaking down the germs at the DNA level ensuring inactivation. The 2½ minute dose of UVC light sterilizes the surface of any smooth object placed inside. These results have been tested by a nationally-recognized testing laboratory specializing in antimicrobial, biocide and virology effectiveness.


  • Uses UVC germicidal radiation to sterilize
  • 300-second sterilization process
  • Pass-through chamber kills bacteria in 5 minutes
  • Patented spectral output
  • Improves effectiveness of the Danish Entry or Shower-in/Shower-out biosecurity protocols
  • Inactivates PED and PRRS viruses
  • Heavy-duty, industrial chamber that is 3 cubic feet
  • Designed for safety and ease of operation
  • Rugged, all aluminum construction
  • Fits into existing 36” openings or between 2 standard wall studs


The BioShift UV-C Chamber, an essential for every biosecure facility

What makes our BioShift chamber a safe UV-C disinfection solution? Let us explain