Here is a library of video content from Ruby360 as well as our strategic partners.

What makes our BioShift chamber a safe UV-C disinfection solution? Let us explain

The BioShift UV-C Chamber, an essential for every biosecure facility

How Poultry See Differently discussed by Aaron and Tina

The Biology of Happiness presented by Aaron Stephan, Ph.D. at the Poultry Tech Summit - Nov 2019

Munters - Your Perfect Climate

Découvrez la ferme Fillanoeuf de Saint-Sébastien-de-Frontenac

Once Inc. Animal-Centric Lighting Systems

Poultry layers in a free range house

Spotlight on Ruby360: Integrated Agricultural Solutions

Ruby360 Controls

Lubing SprayCabinet Demonstration Video

Lubing Curved Conveyor - Rebuilding an Intermediate Drive Unit

Lubing Curved Conveyor - System Animation Video

Lubing Steep Conveyor System

Positive Pressure Filtered Ventilation - Swine Facilities


Canadian Energy™ - The CUB 2.0

Salmet Cage Free Solutions

Salmet S1000 Rearing System

Salmet AGK 3600 Enriched Colony System

Salmet Malteser Elevator

Salmet Egg Lift System

Salmet Broiler System

Salmet WHISK System

Salmet Pedigrow 2 Cage Free Chick School

Salmet Egg Collection/Counting

Opticon Agri-Systems

Opticon Agri-Systems

OPTICON bird weighing

Salmet ...for your success!

Introducing the EC52 with Munters Drive

Munters helps feeding the world

Munters-type ventilation for Layer Broiler Swine livestock

Munters Drive Fans

About Munters